What the Heck is This

I don’t want people to misunderstand or not understand at all about what this blog or “space” is supposed to be because honestly I’m not even sure yet. Let me start by saying I became very inspired by Catherine Goetze aka Cath In College (FYI she’s incredible). Catherine is my age (nineteen), an upcoming junior in college, and she, like most of us, is just trying to figure it out. But what really strikes me about Catherine is the sense of honesty she conveys through her videos and blog posts. I aspire to write with the same raw conviction she does whether it’s sharing the struggle of finding a major or the joys of experiencing four years of school with incredible like-minded people. There’s never a moment where I doubt the authenticity of what she’s doing or question if she’s having a true college experience because she’s transparent about her life. Well, not totally transparent, but as transparent as someone can be on the internet while still maintaining some semblance of a personal life (shout out to you, Cath).

See, that’s the the thing that gets me. I talk about it all the time with my friends and it’s not an issue that I can ever remember existing before. We have this new facet to our lives: social media. It might not be so new anymore but in the grand scale of human existence it’s pretty damn fresh. I feel so concerned all the time about what people will think of my Instagram or if I seem like a total party girl on Snapchat. I don’t think I’ve ever cared that much about what sort of online reputation I had until I realized other people did. Who we are to strangers, to our friends, family, even to ourselves is driven by the words and pictures we put online. It’s the truth and there’s no reason for me to skirt around it and or go all philosophical on you and say that we’re more than just the material appendages we consume and create.

Let me clarify what I’m trying to say by telling you a short story. The other day I posted an Instagram picture of me at the beach. I was going on a run with my parents super early in the morning and it seemed like a good photo opp. Not only did I feel the need to make my mom take about 50 pictures with my back to the camera but I then spent a good portion of the time I was meant to be devouring an acai bowl (yes I’m basic but damn them white girls know what’s up) editing that picture on VSCO cam, and then I spent another five minutes on the walk back to the car looking up Drake captions to fit the picture, finally ending this Instagram journey with a very intense internal conversation about whether or not posting at 10am would get me 100 likes (update: it got 110).

The point of this is to ask you, the reader of this blog, if you thought what I did was stupid because I didn’t fully enjoy this early morning beach experience or smart because now I’ll always remember it?

I think there will always be a moral dilemma about whether or not putting your life online is worth it but to me it is. I want to have something that captures my memories for me and not just the selfies but the words too. I’m hoping you’ll join me here on what I’m calling The Karla Kollective (my last name is Karla in case the title made no sense). I hope this turns out to be a place where I can discuss and document the things happening to me but also hear about the things happening with you, the person reading this, because I think the most special thing about this whole social media hoopla is that it goes both ways. So I’m looking forward to sharing my story and hearing yours too 🙂

Love always,
Sneha (snay-ha, it’s much easier to pronounce than you think)


One thought on “What the Heck is This

  1. Hello there! Followed both you and Cath. I’m also 19, in college, and trying to find the fine line between sharing too much information and having nothing to write about. I think, at least while my blog is relatively new, it’s been really useful to keep my blog a secret from those who actually know me so I’m not too self-conscious to write. Good luck!

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